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Recibe una GRATIS 1 dia de oficina y 3 horas en sala en el mejor coworking de Bogotá

1 day in the office or 3 hours in a meeting room.

Workzone S.A.S, in compliance with the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012, Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013 and our Personal Data Protection Policy, informs you that the personal data that you provide by virtue of the operations you request or enter into with Workzone S.A.S. , will be treated through the use and maintenance of technical, physical and administrative security measures in order to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing them, guaranteeing adequate treatment of the same with unrestricted adherence to the law and respecting the rights that the users have. information holders. In accordance with the above and in the development of legal regulations, the collection of personal data by Workzone S.A.S will be limited to those personal data that are relevant and appropriate for the purpose for which they are collected or required. Workzone S.A.S will guarantee the confidentiality, freedom, security, veracity, transparency, access and restricted circulation of my data and will reserve the right to modify its Personal Data Processing Policy at any time. Any changes will be informed. The undersigned(s) as it appears in the body of this application, give my express and irrevocable consent to Workzone SAS and/or to whoever in the future holds the status of creditor of the obligation(s) contracted by me with Workzone SAS , based on our commercial relationship to consult, at any time, in the Risk Centers and other entities that manage databases for the same purposes, about my commercial and/financial relationships, as well as any other information that may be stored in said Centrals. The carrying out of illegal activities, contrary to public order or of dubious legality is prohibited, the carrying out of said activities in the facilities is grounds for termination of the contract, WORKZONE SAS reserving the right to take legal action against the person or persons responsible for said activities. Taking into account the above, I voluntarily, prior, explicitly, informed and unequivocally authorize Workzone S.A.S to process my personal data in accordance with its Personal Data Processing Policy for the purposes related to its object and especially for legal purposes, contractual, missionary described in the Personal Data Processing Policy of Workzone S.A.S and that the information obtained for the Processing of my personal data has been provided voluntarily and is true. I authorize Workzone SAS / Proctek SAS / Serimcol SAS or whoever represents its rights or holds the capacity of creditor in the future to consult, report, preserve, provide, request, or disclose to risk information centers, all information regarding my trading behavior. The foregoing implies that compliance or non-compliance with my obligations will be reflected in the aforementioned databases, where all the data relating to my current and past behavior towards the financial sector and in general regarding the fulfillment of my obligations are fully recorded. . Workzone is not aware of the content of the information transmitted through telephone lines and the Internet, therefore Workzone only provides the means of communication and therefore does not accept any responsibility for the content transmitted by the client. The client may only use the Internet service for legal purposes, therefore national and international legislation, among others, must not be violated in any way; such as theft or violation of copyright, fraud, forgery, inappropriate use of third party personal information, threats or extortion, child pornography, computer attacks or any conduct that constitutes a crime. Workzone reserves the right to suspend Internet access upon notification by any authority of any of the crimes named above. The client is responsible for its own protection against viruses and other damages that may occur in systems/programs and computer equipment in general. Workzone may modify the Internet and Telecommunications Use Policy at the required time with or without prior notification to its clients.

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